“Casa alla fasanese” museum Fasano style house

/“Casa alla fasanese” museum Fasano style house
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The museum is located inside Pezzolla palace, in Piazza Mercato Vecchio, behind the Town Hall. The house dates back to the 16th century and it is a unique building made of tufo (local stone). Its distinctiveness is due to the unusual division of the spaces that made more functional the use of  rooms, introducing the concept of “hygiene using”. It is composed of a living room and a kitchen. Trough and arch it is possible to enter in the alcove where the head of the household used to sleep, it was closed by a curtain. Next to the alcove there is the “camarino”, a little room assigned to sons and upstairs, reachable trough a ladder, there is the mezzanine assigned to daughters. Since December 2010  the municipality of Fasano gave custody of the house to the association U’mbracchie (dialectal term deriving from the latin Umbraculum, namely shadow, that symbolize the shady  narrow lanes of the old part of the town) that has established a museum in order to enhance the old town centre. Inside the museum the typical setting of a late 19th century house has been reproduced with furniture, objects and a feminine costume dating back to the period.

Free entrance.

Open on Saturdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm or upon reservation

For further information visit the website http://www.umbracchiefasano.it