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The Fasano-Selva is a hill climb racing that every year attracts the attention of fans from all the generations, it represents a timeless tradition in Fasano and many people try the rise, it can be defined cultural heritage of the town. Presently it is organized by the A.S. Egnathia but it dates back to the post-war period, when the Apulian Automobile Clubs resume their normal activity.

fasano-selva1In 1946 the AC of Bari and Brindisi projected a new climb speed racing along the street that colligates Fasano with the Selva , it is a 7 kilometers long course made of curves and hairpin curves towards the hills. They collected 30 subscriptions very quickly despite it was not a prosperous period for the pilots, then the first Coppa Fasano-Selva started on 15th September of the same year.

From 1966 the race has been suspended because of economic problems until 1975, when a committee organized a collection among citizens to support the racing.

Nowadays it is one of the most famous and important competitions that has just celebrated its 70 years with the 59th edition.