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The Zoo Safari Fasanolandia is the first safari park inaugurated in Italy and one of the biggest in Europe for the number of species living inside it. It covers 140 hectares and houses 3000 specimens of 200 different animal species.

In Italy this is the only example of cooperation between an animal park and an amusement park. Furthermore there is a third park: the zoological park that allows visitors to see animals from all over the globe in a Mediterranean area.

Here animals roam freely and perfectly adapted to the habitat that is very similar to their original one.

In addition to the safari it is possible to enjoy several rides in the amusement park : the enchanted boat, the big slide, the Ferris wheel, the Amazonian lake, roller coasters and log flumes.

In the park there is also a fitness course: a 1300 meters long track surrounded by the green hills with 15 stations with indication signs and equipments for the workout.

Since 1994 the mascot of the park is the “Trulletto” represented by a little trullo (the famous houses from Alberobello) that guides visitors along the various itineraries.

The zoo originates from the building of Masseria Pedali that was property of don Matteo Colucci, member of one of the richest families in Fasano. It opened on 12th August 1972 thanks to the project of the TV presenter Angelo Lombardi, known as the ”friend of animals”.

Nowadays the park is property of the family De Rocchi- Casartelli, owner of the Medrano Circus.

It includes :

  • The Safari Park: animal reserve where visitors drive in their own vehicle to observe wildlife roaming freely;
  • The gorillas area;
  • Fasanolandia: amusement park with many rides;
  • The pedestrian zoological trail;
  • The Metro-zoo that allows visitors to reach the Lake of Large Mammals;
  • The Monkeys village;
  • The tropical room where it is possible to observe reptiles and fishes;
  • The farm;
  • Didactic routes;
  • Various exhibitions and museums;
  • The Fantasy Theater;
  • The Oceanic area.

For more information on timetables and ticket prices, visit http://www.zoosafari.it