A New Way to networking and communicate each other

/A New Way to networking and communicate each other
A New Way to networking and communicate each other2018-07-11T12:54:14+00:00


FasanoExpo realized a multifunctional instrument which aims to give a services not only for tourists, but also for the companies of the territory, which for first have a contact with the guest of our territory. Regardless of the web, it’s only about a place in which are possible cooperation and sharing of information between enterprises and accommodation structures, and the promoting of activities of each participant in an easy, fast and immediate way.


Networking with FasanoExpo is important because:

It allows companies to be introduced and to make their activities be known in an easy and immediate way. To be within the main local travel network, is the way to start opening new and profitable collaborations between companies and accommodation structures.

To be a part of an unique eminent container, which cares about the quality of the communication towards the outside, to arise with a quality image, which also is captivating and functional.

It allows accommodation structures to know promptly several events, services and products of the companies of the territory, even thanks to periodical newsletters. It makes possible to give to the tourists original information instruments, which also are amusing and complete, in order to live at the best their experience in Fasano.

FasanoExpo helps to know in advance our city: services, what there is to see, where to go to eat, what there is to buy and all that what they are looking for in Fasano.

With FasanoExpo it is possible to improve the visibility of several tourism actors, having as aim the increasingly improvement of the experience of our guests.