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Selva di Fasano is an extended, varied and interesting hill village full of surprises around every corner: here the view changes continuously and fascinates visitors thanks to the variety of its colours. From the blue sky to the green nature, from white trulli to grey stone walls and orange sunsets. In the night it seems to be a crèche thanks to hundreds of lights scattered among the hills.

It is possible to reach Selva di Fasano in few minutes trough Viale delle Giritoie, a scenic route characterized by hairpin turns and votive niches, along ancients footpaths once used by local people to reach their country houses where they usually moved in the summer in order to escape the mugginess until the grape harvest period.

The overlook dedicated to “Marianna la Varra” offers a breathtaking panorama that covers the view from Monopoli to Ostuni and Locorotondo; Fasano lies in the middle of the olive trees valley that meets the Adriatic Sea.

It is possible to reach the center of Selva di Fasano from every direction trough roads lined with trees, ancient trulli and modern villas.

Viale Toledo

The core of the village is Viale Toledo: here is located the Casina Municipale and there are some bars, a bakery, a pharmacy, a minimarket and a beautiful church. Going toward the periphery it is possible to admire cultivated fields, pastures and masserie up to the border with the province of Bari characterized by woods, ravines and residential zones.

The fairytale view

In the area of Castelluccio the panorama is astonishing: the valley of Canale di Pirro, that seen from the top is a magnificent play of lights and colors framed by round hills and dotted with trulli and villas. It changes its appearance according to the season: from the green lawn in the spring to the golden yellow dry vegetation in the summer, from the orange wilted vine leafs in the autumn to the brown terrains in the winter. Among this beautiful view appears the village of Cocolicchio, a little “diamond” standing on a knoll.

Thanks to its particular geographic conformation Fasano is marked by the presence of ravines, namely steep scarps that reach the valley and joining up the “lame” arrive to the sea, this is the way trough the rain water drains.

The most accessible and easily walkable ravine is that of “San Donato”, characterized by a cave church where is still celebrated a traditional festival in August. A series of steps allows people to reach the site and then enjoy pleasing discovers.