Presepe Vivente: Living Nativity at Pezze di Greco

/Presepe Vivente: Living Nativity at Pezze di Greco
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Living Nativity at Pezze di Greco

During the Christmas period the rupestrian village of Lama del Trappeto comes to life thanks to a “staging” where shepherds, peasants, housewives, children, merchants, craftsmen, laundresses, potters, cheese makers, spinners, knife grinders, tinkers, bakers, shoemakers and animals act in a sacred scenery. Here it is possible to jump in the past seeing gestures, hearing voices and sounds, smelling scents that characterized the ancient simple way of life of farmers, breeders and artisans at the beginning of the last century.

The Presepe Vivente links the places to the rural tradition that finds its origins and developed in these caves, it gives value to the rupestrian civilization and introduces it to many visitors. In this way they can recover history, art, religion and popular traditions in an unusual setting .

Time, seasons, wisdom, recover and preservation without any nostalgia or self celebration but only understanding, maybe, the sense of living and being together in the modern times: this can be one of the thousands reasons to enjoy the Presepe Vivente.

The heart of the nativity is the rupestrian village of Lama del Trappeto: caves inhabited formerly by the refugees from Egnazia, after by the Basilian monks and last from the peasants until the early ‘900.

All this is realized thanks to the cooperation of a sort of community since 1987 and that includes among its many initiatives the museum-workshop of the farm art .

Here people can experience an ancient world characterized by poverty, sacrifices and patience, by sharing and harmony. Performers show themselves to visitors proud of their origins and really noble-hearted , conscious of their wisdom and popular faith.

Jesus born in a cave in order to let us know that he came to inhabit our hearts. You can go in a cave during a night in December and discover yourself being a flock searching for its shepherd and for a sense. Everyone becomes a refuge for himself, a cave of generation, a night that waits for the same day everybody confidently wait for.