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On the hills it is possible to admire wonderful landscapes : trulli surrounded by olive trees, orchards and vineyards.


Laureto is a little hamlet inhabited mostly during the summer holidays with typical houses trullo shaped. It is located  373 metres above sea level in an area that  includes also the natural cave in the Monte Rivolta, here every year is recreated the nativity scene with full-size statues and a big comet visible from several kilometres is lighted on the hill face. The ancient church is deconsecrated then the mass is celebrated in the church of Santa Maria del Monte (Saint Mary of the Mountain) built  thanks to Father Pasquale Guarini, episcopal secretary in Monopoli and to the donations of the inhabitants. Its façade shows a typical rural architecture with  a big arch where there is the entry door and the bell tower on the right.

Canale di Pirro

Canale di Pirro is a depression between two hills located 262 metres above sea level. In some parchments dating back to the 11th century, the area  is named Canale delle Pile (Cisterns’ Canal) because of the presence of many cisterns. Probably the modern name is the result of a linguistic deformation of the original toponym although it is attributed to Pyrrhus, king of the Epirus. Near Canale di Pirro there are two main residential zones: Monte Abele and Cocolicchio. The last one is an area built-up by some trulli and a little church dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows, designed by Father Sante Perna and consecrated in 1906.