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Pezze di Greco is 4 kilometres far from Fasano, it is one of the most populated hamlets in Italy and the biggest one in Apulia.

Masseria Greco…

Its original nucleus were the lands of the ancient masseria Greco, property of the homonymous family that finds its origins in Martina Franca. The masseria was surrounded by a wide land without trees used for the cultivation of wheat, barley and legumes. Those plots of land where called “pezze”, term from whom originated the name of the village. In 1815 the Greco family sold all the plots to the settlers coming from Fasano and Cisternino. They settled there in order to enhance the cultivation and built their trulli. The dynasty Greco came to an end because there were no male heirs and it has been inherited by Ms Apollonia Gaito that looked after the old Ms Greco. The masseria was assigned to the curate who must build the church Sacro Cuore di Gesù (Sacred Heart of Jesus) by a year. The façade has two entries that correspond to the aisles.

The churches

The main church was built in 1867 thanks to public funding and was dedicated to the Madonna del Carmine (Our Lady of Mount Carmel), patron saint of the village. On the left there is a plaque with the date of building while on the right there is the secondary entry and a single-lancet window; on the right side there is a little bell tower with four side breaks.

Inside there are two aisles divided by a big column. Over the years the population increased and then a new church was built, its construction ended in the 70’s. Its interior is characterized by a Latin cross floor.

Nowadays Pezze di Greco has around 6000 inhabitants. It is famous thanks to the “Presepe Vivente”, the staging of the nativity scene and all the ancient shops with real people and animals that takes place in the Basilian caves near the hamlet.