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Speziale is mainly an agricultural area, 10 kilometres far from Fasano. Its residential area is located  along a road where there is the church Maria del Rosario (Our Lady of the Rosary) built at the beginning of the 20th century.



Montalbano is the second biggest hamlet in the municipality of Fasano, it is located along the highway that links Fasano to Ostuni in a flat area, pitted by many lamas.

There are two churches dedicated to Santa Maria (Saint Mary) di Pozzo Faceto:

  • the elder one was built in 1873 and presents one aisle;
  • the other one was built in 1983 in modern style.


Il Dolmen

A point of interest is represented by the Dolmen, also known as “table of paladins”. It is one of the most ancient megalithic monuments in the area and probably dates back to the Bronze Age, between the 3rd and the 2nd millennium B.C. It is composed by three stone elements: two calcareous stones, 1.70 metres high, that sustain the 2 x 3 metres capstone.

There are different hypothesis about its functions and purpose: according to some researchers it was a sacrificial altar (literally “stone tables”, from the Breton dol = table and men = stone). Other ones maintain that it was a rudimentary sepulchre. Nearby the dolmen some tombs have been found demonstrating it was the core of a burial architecture. After many acts of vandalism and significant alterations it is not possible to see of the “dromos” (the access corridor to the monument) anymore.