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The rupestrian  park of Lama d’Antico is located nearby the railway station of Fasano, it is one of the biggest and most suggestive rupestrian settlements in Apulia surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub and olive trees . Probably already inhabited in the 10th century A.D. , the hamlet is located in a “lama” shaped during the centuries by the flowing of ancient rivers that carved the calcareous stone. The area is characterized by a rock easy to dig, the local “tufo”, that allowed the establishment of an hamlet made up of a series of different shaped and sized caves used as houses and workshops (oil mills, drugstores, storages ). The heart of the hamlet was the majestic church also carved in the rock. It has a  rectangular plan with a central nave where is located the apse and a small lateral nave where is located a pulpit . In the apse is possible to see traces of ancient frescoes portraying a Deesis of the 11th-12th century that includes Christ in Majesty, the Madonna Odegitria and Saint John the Baptist.A sequence of  arches and some seats had been carved along the side wall.

The park includes also the settlements of San Lorenzo and San Giovanni. The first one is characterized by some caves organized on two levels. The church has a crypt with a trapezoidal plan and is composed of anarthex, a cella and a presbytery.   The narthex has a quadrangular shape with a central pillar while the presbytery has a rectangular shape with two apses. Among the frescoes can be recognized  San Giorgio piercing a dragon.

The little church of San Giovanni is located in lama Tammurrone. Its crypt has a rectangular plan composed of a narthex, a  cella and a presbytery. It was probably used for celebrating baptisms .


For further information visit the website http://www.lamadantico.it