On the 2nd June 1678 the population of Fasano fought Turks in order to defend houses, families and faith. According to the legend the Virgin appeared in the sky leading the citizens resistance, the victory was such memorable that the historical event is reenacted every year with the “Scamiciata”, a commemorative parade organized by the Giugno Fasanese committee during the festival in honor of the patron saints of the town, Saint John the Baptist and Saint Mary of  Pozzo Faceto.

The festival consists of three main phases: starting from the costume pilgrimage to the sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin of Pozzo in Pozzo Faceto, the procession passes trough Pezze di Greco and reaches Fasano. Here the drum roll, waving flags indicate the beginning of the great feast opening the parade followed by the Universitas standard, a lady bringing the key to the city, dignitaries riding a horse and representatives of the noble families carrying their banners; the flag of the Balì of St Stephen and the flag of the Balì of Malta, Fra’ Brancaccio, precede the lieutenant Fra’ Zurlo da Crema sitting on his coach next to the mayor Pompeo Mignozza followed by others dignitaries.

The parade is closed by the Triumphal Ship where the labara of the patron saints is hoisted. Also corteges coming from other towns of Italy  join the parade.