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The ritual finds its roots in ancient times, it dates back to the Romans and usually celebrated the end of the winter and the beginning of the spring. Nowadays it is linked to the celebration of the saint Giuseppe becoming a widespread tradition across all the region.

In Fasano the event is organized by the Azione Cattolica of the Mother Church supported by the municipality, in collaboration with the Confraternity of San Giuseppe, the association “Impronte di Puglia” and the zonal Caritas. It consists in the lighting of a great fire in Largo Seggio and Largo San Giovanni Battista, surrounded by various stands where it is possible to taste some typical products. All proceeds are donated to charity for poor families.

In Cocolicchio, during the “Fanova di San Giuseppe fra i trulli”, the central square of the small hamlet is lightened and heated by the bonfire, in the same time it is possible to taste the typical focaccia baked in wood oven and the wine produced in Canale di Pirro.

In Torre Canne the event is organized by the committee for the Patronal Festival on the small port. During the celebration zeppole, fried fish and octopus sandwiches are live prepared in order to delight the participants palates.