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FasanoExpo is not an announcement website, neither it is booking website.

FasanoExpo is the real and efficient connection between companies and accommodation structures, and between companies and tourists. The creation of several meeting squares between local activities and accommodation structures, starting from an online platform in English and Italian language.

FasanoExpo is an innovative exposition of that what distinguish our territory, our culture, with the aim to stand out our beauties and to increase their spread.

It is a communication project which is built on a solid base of knowledge and contamination and which integrate the digital with the off-line diffusion, in order to have a complete, constant and unconditioned presence.

We are talking about a virtual showroom, always in become and always updated, which is able to link the city and the emprises with the accommodation structures and the tourists.

FasanoExpo is a Gallery, which contains all products categories and guarantees excellency, tradition and local creativity.

It is a kaleidoscope of Histories for watching with new eyes Fasano, its territory and its economical and social fabric.

Communication systems between companies and structures, the workshops, the magazine, the postcards, the online showcases are founded on daring concepts , combinations of open minded images and alluring claims, because we are sure that communication is not an abstract concept, but it is all that come with extreme jubilation of languages, experiences, cultures, activities and characters : only the contamination could lead to the progress.



For Companies:

Local characters of the food service sector , oil mill, wine bar, hotel chain, wedding planner and all the companies can improve the spread of their brand image with an innovative on line and offline comunication, introducing themselves as the top, ready to meet, know and get in accomodation structures, creating effectives and durables synergies.

For accomodation structures:

FasanoExpo offers the possibility to make our territory be known in the best way, for that what it offers, the possible experiences and the opportunities offered by the emprises. It is an instrument available to their own clients, in order to be accompanied by the best during all their stay. Online information, newsletters, postcards, magazine in double language for the accommodations which can boast a plus in the services offered to the guests. Furthermore the structures get enriched with the experience, the products and the conventions with the other companies in the territory.

For the tourists:

Those who come to Fasano can know the territory in his most characteristics aspects, the essential appearance of the services and the touching aspect of the locations, with a communication and instruments which are new, emotional and functional. The companies through entrepreneur, accommodation structures through owners, the city through those who live it and contribute to advance it every day.