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Torre Canne is a sea hamlet part of the municipality of Fasano, 8 kilometres far from the city. Its name originates from the light house built on the promontory that nowadays is the symbol of the area, recently restored.

The growth of the little fishermen’s village started in the 40s with the construction of more houses for vacation and the church dedicated to the Sacro Cuore di Gesù (Sacred Heart of Jesus). The church was built precisely in 1941 on the land property of Mr Gian Battista Punzi after his miraculous survival in a railway accident. On the façade the entry is marked by an arch whose top presents a gable with an open-air oculus. Inside there are two rooms.

Torre Canne is also a very renowned watering place thanks to the spring waters with therapeutic properties discovered in the first half of the 19th century but used only in the post war period after the construction of the beach resort. The area awarded the Blue Flag thanks to the fine and white sand of its beaches and it is part of the Regional Park of the Coastal Dunes .