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The park has been established thanks to the Regional Law no. 31 on 27th October 2006. It extends from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo on an area of 1,100 hectares, part of the territories of Ostuni and Fasano, including a 8 kilometers coastline and a rural hinterland constituted by centuries-old olive trees fields.

Its protected area hosts many habitats of naturalistic interest and a Site of Community Importance (SCI), namely the “Litorale brindisino” characterized by moist coastal areas that represent both a stopover for rare endangered species of migrating birds and an important site for their reproduction. There are also a long line of dunes covered by junipers and moist areas where salicornia and jonquil grow. It is possible to enjoy the landscape through paths and boardwalks on basins and ancient lagoons such as Fiume Grande, Fiume Piccolo, Fiume Tavernese an Fiume Morelli once used in aquaculture. On the inner side it is possible to reach fossil dunes covered by pseudo-steppa and fields with monumental olive trees, on the dunes beautiful wild orchids flower , also the rare specie named serapias apulica.

parco-dune-costiere1It is possible to go trough this beautiful natural scenery by walking, bike or horse riding and admire rupestrian settlements of the lame (local karstical valleys), underground oil mills and typical masserie also with expert guides.
The park is oriented toward rural tourism. Some optimization works have been done to reach the goal : the abandoned Fontevecchia railway station now is the Park House reachable trough the ancient via Traiana and is also included in the Adriatic bikeway. Furthermore the ex road inspector’s house in Montalbano, property of the ANAS has become an “Albergabici” (cycle-hotel) completely equipped for bikers : there are 20 beds , a bikes workshop and a “bikegrill”(like the more common motorway restaurants) . Thanks also to these improvements the park, together with some tour operators in Fasano and Brindisi, earned the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in 2015.