I am a Company. How do I get in the FasanoExpo network?

/I am a Company. How do I get in the FasanoExpo network?
I am a Company. How do I get in the FasanoExpo network?2018-07-10T17:57:08+00:00

FasanoExpo count on a team of professionals and co-workers which will handle the development of the various expected projects, the constant assistance to the enterprises and to the accommodation structures in the enjoyment of several services in a professional and innovative way.

To register for the Network and know all of our proposal is really simple:

  1. You can call the number +39 340 3922 309 or send a mail to info@fasanoexpo.com. You can also fill in the form on our website and use your data in order to be contacted and to demand an appointment;
  2. Meet one of our agents directly at your office, to be aware of what we have done and what we can do, our purposes and the results obtained;
  3. If you decide to subscribe:
    • A copywriter or a journalist will have an exchange of views with you to edit your business presentation, and he will know your products and your services.
    • A person in charge will edit the contents of your on-line showcase, while a photographer will manage (if necessary) your personal photographic gallery.
    • Your presentation will be sent to the others accommodation structures to make them know your activity, the events and the offers devised for tourists.
    • In 10 days, your showcase in English and Italian language will be on-line, always available for accommodation structures and tourists.
  4. It is possible to subscribe to this service choosing between the following plans:
    • With the BASIC plan, you will be entered into the net with the accommodation structures, with the possibility to utilize our weekly newsletter to update your events and your offers. It is included the online showcase with your text both in Italian and English language, and a photographic gallery especially realised by one of our operators.
    • With the PREMIUM plan, you will be also on our magazine FasanoExpo, provided in all the town and in the accommodation structures during the summer, with an amusing and original idea for the tourist, for the companies, and for accommodation structures themselves;
    • With the GOLD plan, you will be able to count on personalized services which you will choose (video, publicizing, banners, web sites, sponsoring on social).
  5. you just have to contact us. We are at your disposal!