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Patronal festivals

Pozzo Faceto

on the first Thursday after Easter a procession to the sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna del Pozzo takes place, on the first Sunday of June a little parade starts from the suggestive via delle Croci to reach the sanctuary.

Torre Canne

on 8th June, festival dedicated to the Sacro Cuore di Gesù


on the third Sunday of June begins the three-day festival in honor of the patron saints of the city: San Giovanni Battista and Madonna del Pozzo. During the festival the Scamiciata takes place, a parade reenacting the end of the Turkish domination and the delivery of the keys of the town.

Pezze di Greco

on 16thJuly, festival in honor of SS.ma Maria del Carmine.


on the last Sunday of July , festival in honor of Santa Maria of Pozzo Faceto and SS.ma Maria del Carmelo.


on 15th August, festival and parade on the sea in honor of San Francesco da Paola.

Selva di Fasano

on 6th August, festival in honor of San Donato. Celebration of a mass in the small church built in the karstic cave of San Donato. On 15th September a mass in honor of the Madonna Addolorata is celebrated.